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Printed Communications
Company Name:
Milton Hershey School
No. of Employees:
Hershey, PA
People interested in educational, administrative, support and houseparenting opportunities at the Milton Hershey School.
Business Need:
Human Resources needed a comprehensive brochure that they could take with them to job fairs and events, as well as mail out to strong potential prospects for employment.
Communicate the mission and vision of Milton Hershey School as well as the advantages of working there.
Davis worked with both Human Resources and the Marketing/Communications departments to develop the 20-page brochure. The look and feel of the brochure builds on the school’s current branding and design efforts.
Provides a comprehensive look at the school, its mission/vision, culture and area.
7,500 brochures were printed and delivered in early 2008 to rave reviews. Both HR and Communications were thrilled with the piece. We recently completed an updated reprint of this brochure.
Best Practices:
  • Use photos of employees and actual customers. Authenticity is important in every form of communication.
  • Because of their perceived value, when a person receives a substantial printed piece, they recognize the importance of the communication exchange.
  • It’s much easier to read detailed information when it is available in printed form.
  • Keep printing runs small. Information changes too quickly for printed materials to have a long shelf life.


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